Colorado Firm Represents Clients in Bad Faith Actions Against Insurers

Experienced Denver lawyer holds insurance companies accountable

By law, your insurance carrier owes you a duty to act in good faith, which means they cannot look for ways to avoid their obligations under the terms of your policy. Such actions may constitute bad faith, and policyholders can seek remedies through the legal system. At Walker Law LLC, Jason Walker understands the complexities involved in insurance matters and draws on their experience representing clients in the Denver area and throughout Colorado in bad faith claims to help you seek the result you deserve.

Skilled Colorado litigator upholds your rights in bad faith claims

At Walker Law LLC, you will be fully advised of your rights when an insurer refuses to promptly and properly investigate your claim or refuses to pay a claim that is covered under your policy. Jason Walker brings actions against even the largest insurers when they act fraudulently or in bad faith. Jason Walker represents clients throughout Colorado in claims against insurers that involve:

  • Denying coverage without a valid reason or investigation or failing to provide a reasonable explanation for the denial
  • Failing to confirm, deny or pay the claim in a reasonable period of time
  • Failing to reach a fair settlement when liability is proven
  • Failure to disclose policy limits

In insurance litigation and appeals, we provide services for clients involving:

  • First-party claims
  • Third-party claims
  • Claim management consulting
  • Motor vehicle claims
  • Construction claims
  • Analysis and interpretation of insurance policies

Colorado insurance law offers the insured a variety of protections. Jason Walker works to ensure that you receive those protections. Knowing your rights is the first step to finding a solution to your legal problems, and we are dedicated to guiding you through the process to make sure you receive the coverage you paid for.

Responsive advocate helps you understand your policy rights

If an insurance company refuses to honor your claim, we will analyze every detail of your policy to determine why and counter their actions when warranted. If litigation becomes necessary, you can rest assured that Mr. Walker will vigorously prosecute your rights in court to get you the best possible results. Mr. Walker has a proven record of successful settlements and jury verdicts and is skilled in handling even the most complex cases. Whether an insurance company is investigating in bad faith, is failing to make payments, or is holding up the claims process, we work to get you the justice you deserve.

Contact our accomplished Colorado attorney for help with an insurance bad faith claim

At Walker Law LLC in Denver, we represent policyholders throughout Colorado in bad faith claims against their carriers. Jason Walker can help you pursue the benefits you deserve under the terms of your policy. Call 720-305-9898 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our office.

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